CurlyTop Baker Cares, Inc.

Hi Friends,

It’s been a crazy, busy year so far. So many dreams in the works that are finally coming alive!

We have LOVED seeing the impact that our cookies have made on our community and selfishly, want to do more! It has been the heartbeat of our company since the beginning to reach the homeless and support so many causes that line up with our mission, one cookie at a time. Our cookies are donated to several non profit organizations on a weekly basis through the efforts of giving back a portion of all proceeds from each cookie sale. We thank you for supporting us in this, and we know there are FAR more that can be reached. Prayerfully, we decided to open up our own non profit and name it “CurlyTop Baker Cares, Inc.”

With the help of your donations, we can BE THE CHANGE and really make a difference in the community around us. Head on over to our CurlyTop Baker Cares link and consider making a tax deductible contribution!

Thank you all for your support, emails, messages and love. We appreciate you!!

Eat more cookies,



A NEW YEAR calls for a NEW COOKIE!

Happy New Year, Friends! As we enter into 2019 (8 days in), our team thought it would be fun to introduce you to our newest craze cookie - but first, let me ask you a question… am I the only one that craves SWEET & SALTY all the time? Like, not only at night but all day long… seriously, the best combos together, right? Well folks, your cravings can now be fixed and satisfied with our newest cookie flavor… “The Potato Chipper”.

I know it sounds kinda crazy, but crazy sometimes means REALLY GOOD and this cookie will make your taste buds tingle! The Potato Chipper is a unique blend of semi-sweet chocolate, chocolate chunks and salty potato chip pieces (with ridges :)) all rolled up in 1 single cookie! TRUST me when I say this, YOU WILL love this new cookie! Cheers to fresh baked cookies!

Potato Chipper.jpg

Countdown to Christmas...

The holidays are here and as the crazy begins, I have to intentionally make time to breathe and sit back and enjoy the season! The color changes on trees all around me, the cool breeze that blows in my face, wearing fuzzy socks on bare floors, heated seat warmers in the car, candles brightly burning, the sounds of my kids singing Christmas carols off beat (with made up words), Hallmark movies on repeat and the smell of freshly baked cookies - these are a few of my favorite things. There is SO much to be thankful for and although receiving gifts is one of my main love languages, it still fills a warm spot in my heart to ring door bells late at night and surprise my neighbors with cookies.


I am grateful for what this year has brought, the new customers turned friends, being a part of your celebrations through cookies at your events, the amount of cookies we were able to bake and distribute to the homeless here in Vegas, and the growth we have made. Thank you for encouraging a big dream and partnering alongside us to show a little love to this world. I pray this season fills your heart and that blessings be upon you and your family in the coming year. Lets be slow to judge, quick to love and give. May you find some quiet time to ponder on the joys of the season, and may your tummies be filled with amazing cookies the whole season through!

Christmas Cookies.png

All my cookie love,


You asked for it...


So many of you have sent messages, texts and a few have called requesting this cookie (We LOVE this)… it was an “off menu” cookie for awhile but here for you now (we gotcha, boo). We heard your cookie cries, cuz YOU matter, for this delicious cookie and have officially added it to our menu! Welcome, the newest cookie on the block (ooh, ooh, ooh, the right stuff) our

Curly Oatmeal Chip!

Oatmeal cookies have always been a family favorite, and since I’m not a huge fan of raisins, we swapped them out for semi-sweet chocolate chips! This cookie stands proud as one of our top favorites now (we say that about every cookie) - but honestly, something about it brings “comfort food” to mind and makes me smile just eating it - it will do the same for you too! Pinky Promise!

The Curly Oatmeal Chip is chewy, not crunchy, similar to our other cookies. This cookie is soft baked, studded with just the right amount of chocolate chips. I’m positive that you will love this cookie as much as we do, cuz “life is better with fresh baked cookies.”

Fall into Fall with our NEWEST Cookie!

FALL is officially here and what a better way to bring in this cozy season then with a fall cookie. As many of you know, I am CRAZY for this season and decorating in my home starts August 1st - yes, when the high temps are well into the 110’s here in Vegas! My family has just gotten use to the shenanigans starting this early! But that doesn’t stop me from bringing out pumpkins and lighting every fall scented candle I can find. Oh, but the celebrations don’t stop there - no way! This is the BEST time to crank up both ovens and experiment with my newest pumpkin dessert.

Pumpkin 3.png

NEWEST Cookie On The Block


Ok, you've waited long enough, and your guesses on social media have been so fun to read!  Thank you to all our fans and customers for your suggestions, love and support.  Ok, so here it is, our new cookie on the block... (ooh, oh, oh, the right stuff) Introducing...



(Crowd goes wild and so do we) :)

This sexy, rich, moist, red gourmet cookie is loaded with the perfect amount of dark cocoa and white chocolate chips that'll leave you begging for more!  The Curly Velvet will take a permanent spot in our selection of cookies!  #redvelvet #doneourway #morethanjustacookie

#TheGiveBackCookie Campaign


Oh Sweet Heavenly Taste Buds!  

We are just SO excited to share this BIG news with you. One of our founding principles is that every cookie baked with love truly gives back. We are passionate about connecting with the community and generously giving back to those in need. Though our hearts will always remain with homeless awareness, we know there is always room to give more. So we are just over the moon ecstatic to announce the launch of our Giveback Cookie Fundraising Campaign beginning June 2018.

This campaign will allow organizations to partner with us for fundraising opportunities as a means to promote their own cause. Organizations will be able to apply through our website for a chance to be selected to receive cookie orders through our unique Press Kits (located at the footer below). They will then be given a promo code exclusively for their event which will keep a tally of all cookie sales for that promotion. Once all orders are received, a percentage of those sales will be given back to that organization to meet their particular need.  That’s a satisfying double dose of goodness to our sweet taste buds right there! That might be as good as having one of our Chocolate Chunk Original cookie in both hands. But, hey...we’ll let you be the judge of that.

We can’t wait to partner with countless businesses, school events and local charities within the Las Vegas valley and create more opportunities to make a difference. We can already envision taking advantage of raising awareness for notable causes such as breast cancer awareness in the month of October and partnering with Susan B. Komen foundation. Pink cookies anyone?

Be sure to tune in to 91.5 and SOS radio in the coming weeks for interviews about this announcement and more.

CurlyTop Baker Sponsors Vegas Food Expo 2018

Two weeks ago, CurlyTop Baker had the pleasure of being a part of The Vegas Food Expo at the Westgate Hotel. This two-day event is host to local and global vendors with specialty cooking line products and of But, this is not your typical foodie fest. No, sir! This expo is exclusively aimed at businesses, chefs, restaurants and cafes. We also took great pleasure sponsoring the Buyer’s Lounge and Guest Check-In for this event and that in itself was the extra sprinkles on top of this already fun event.

LV Expo 1.JPG

We felt so honored to have top chefs trying our gourmet cookies and giving back rave reviews. One notable luxury casino Executive Chef (who shall remain unnamed) exclaimed that our cookies were better than those of his top Pastry Chef. Don’t worry, Chef - your secret is safe with us. *Wink*

We met some pretty great manufacturers and had the opportunity to make wonderful connections with small business and hotel chains in and out of the Las Vegas valley. It’s always great to see corporations partnering with small businesses. It’s a win-win for everyone and we can’t wait to see those connections multipy so that we can spread our story and expand our reach within our hometown and beyond. Every gourmet cookie we make represents someone’s life that we hope to impact in a meaningful way within our community. We intend to keep our ovens burning for a very long time and continue baking #acookieeverybodywillremember.

Vegas Expo 7.png
vegas expo 8.jpeg
CurlyTop Baker Sponsors Vegas Food Expo

CurlyTop Baker Sponsors Vegas Food Expo

Vegas Food Expo 4.jpg
Mark & ! at Vegas Food Expo.png

CurlyTop Baker at The RED Carpet Gifting Suite


March Madness meant something new to us, CurlyTop Baker was invited to be a part of the Celebrity Connected Luxury Gifting Suite honoring the Academy Awards. You guys, this is the OSCARS we’re talking about! The Freakin’ RED CARPET! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! If movies are your thing, this is the motherload of all red carpets. And not only that, our cookies were also featured at the Four Seasons Red Carpet event with eTalk. Yeah, we were a little beside ourselves and our team baked over 2,500 cookies for this event. We are still reeling from the experience of it all, so please understand why we’ve been sitting on to share it with you for a few weeks now.

                                 CurlyTop Baker snuggles with Shar Jackson & Miss J. Alexander

                                 CurlyTop Baker snuggles with Shar Jackson & Miss J. Alexander

Jennifer Ettinger & Tommy Geraci from etalk enjoying cookies at the Four Seasons Hotel

Jennifer Ettinger & Tommy Geraci from etalk enjoying cookies at the Four Seasons Hotel

Enjoyed meeting Kamil McFadden and making my kids jealous

Enjoyed meeting Kamil McFadden and making my kids jealous

What an honor and privilege it was to showcase our cookies at such a high-profile event. And what an opportunity to share our story and message of awareness for the homeless population and the impact our cookies are making for them. As you know, we’ve always been about #MoreThanJustACookie and giving back to the community.

                           Sweet Joe P Harris, was a giant teddy bear in love with our cookies....

                           Sweet Joe P Harris, was a giant teddy bear in love with our cookies....

Some of the celebs we met were moved to tears hearing the heart behind our business and being able to humanize the people we’ve impacted not only in Las Vegas, but also within the Los Angeles area. Behind the glamorous red curtain of Hollywood is a huge homelessness crisis. There were literally precious souls camped out on the sidewalk right across the street from our red carpet event taking place on a cold, rainy day. The irony of that imagery burned into our hearts and drove our passion to shine even higher to promote our cause.

The highlight of the night was definitely the opportunity to meet a slew of friendly faces and make many cherished connections. Our cookies were met with rave reviews and we were able to gain greater exposure (see Corey Taylor Talks post). We believe more than ever that the possibilities are endless. What an honor indeed!

                Tweet from the fabulous Stacy Soleil

                Tweet from the fabulous Stacy Soleil

Check out some of our media exposure thanks to Splash Magazines and  Rich Girl TV:
( )

Follow us on Instagram and check out our featured stories highlight reel of this star-studded night for more great pics. And thanks to Stacy Soleil and Louise Sattler for the Instagram shoutout. We are so happy you enjoyed our cookies with that champagne, girl! #hearteyes


It's HERE... The Vegan Chocolate Chip!


You asked for it - and we made it! CurlyTop is excited to announce a special addition to our cookie collection specifically for our Vegan dessert lovers out there. Even though we say all of the time that our cookies are completely guilt free because you are eating them for a good cause, we still wanted to make sure we were taking care of our plant-loving friends out there who care about the preservation of all life.

Our team was able to marry delicious gooey goodness that is also good for you. Who doesn’t want a bite of that? Heck! Make that a box, or two, or three. Hey, no judgement. So, we are pleased to introduce our Vegan Chocolate Chip cookie as our newest creation this month. This all-natural, dairy-free cookie is guaranteed to leave a guiltless smile on your face. It’s even kid tested and highly approved.

But, don’t take our word for it. Word on the sample street is that it is already a hit with celebs. The stunningly gorgeous Carissa Rosario showed us some InstaStory love to her plethora of followers and she has a no “BS” degree in Vegan nutrition. Fur reals! So without further ado, check them out on our menu and order a box for you and your Vegan crew today.    

           Vegan Approved Cookie from Carissa Rosario!

           Vegan Approved Cookie from Carissa Rosario!

Corey Taylor Talks with CurlyTop Baker


This week CurlyTop Baker was invited to be a guest on the Corey Taylor Talks Show. If you don’t know who Corey Taylor is, just ask your teen. If you don’t have a teen, ask your neighbor’s teen because chances are they are in the know. Corey hosts the #1 teen talk show and it was an honor to be on her show.

Corey is definitely in the know. We met her at the Celebrity Connected Luxury Gifting Suite Honoring the Academy Awards (more on that to come) and instantly connected as loving Las Vegas locals. She fell in love with our cookies and we fell in love with her heart to impact teens and young adults. Corey is an encouraging voice that tackles teen issues and connects her audience with others who are using their talents to make a difference within the community. She is personable, funny and we truly admire her unique voice and desire to share such a strong positive message.

We were able to share our story, vision and the heart behind our mission to raise awareness for homelessness all around us, and the impact they have made on our lives personally. Between gushing over our cookies and winning over her picky mom and cookie snob publicist, we’d say this was the sweetest interview we’ve been delighted to be a part of so far.

Have a listen for yourself here:

"Cookie High"













LA Cookie Con was just a week ago and we are still on a “cookie high” from all the fun we had!  The event was held at The Anaheim Convention Center in CA, loaded with thousands of foodies who patiently stood in lines wrapped around the building!  This 2-day convention is known as the largest cookie and sweet show on the West Coast.  Clearly, I can see why - we handed out more than 5,000 samples of our gourmet cookies and sold 400 dozen boxes of our Chocolate Chunk Original Cookie.

My team met so many amazing people, celebrity chefs and cookie lovers that kept us smiling. Our booth was highlighted by KTLA 5 morning news and other media sources, who helped in spreading our cause - #MoreThanJustACookie.  A portion of all cookie sales has been designated back into feeding the homeless in the Las Vegas Valley.

CurlyTop Baker is grateful for every box sold and every encouraging email and IG post.  Thank you, LA Cookie Con and all the attendees for an amazing event!  See you next year!

Life is better with fresh baked cookies.

~Exciting News~

CookieCon Logo.png

CurlyTop Baker is thrilled to announce we will be showcasing our line of cookies at the 2018 Cookie Con & Sweet Show at the Anaheim Convention Center on February 10-11th.  We are also proud to be sponsors of this prestigious event.  This sweet convention is the largest baking and pastry show on the West Coast with thousands of attendees and special appearances from Duff Goldman and several other Food Network stars.  

Come support CurlyTop Baker!  We will be giving away free cookies for a year to one lucky attendee who stops by our booth.  Tickets are available by visiting  This show has sold out 3 years in a row, so buy your tickets early!

Can't wait to see you there!

The CurlyTop Campfire Cookie is Here!

                 The CurlyTop Campfire Cookie

                 The CurlyTop Campfire Cookie

CurlyTop Baker Welcomes NEW Cookie….

Do you ever get that warm fuzzy feeling of memories around the campfire? The cold wind blowing, the sparks flying, the firewood crackling, the smells? One of my favorite things to do around the campfire is to make s’mores! Who doesn’t like a gooey marshmallow stuffed between melted chocolate and graham crackers? One s’more just isn’t enough and as my son quickly burns his marshmallows, he knows Mama is quick to grab it and smash it in my s’more.

Quickly my thoughts began to run and my team began to work at creating a delicious twist on a s’more cookie that would bring all those happy memories back. (Drum roll, please) …Let me introduce to you our newest cookie – The CurlyTop Campfire Cookie!

Our Campfire cookie is loaded with chocolate chunks, slightly toasted marshmallows and just the right amount of graham crackers to give this cookie the perfect crunch. They are absolutely mind blowing warmed up with a tall glass of cold milk, a perfect late-night treat! No campfire required!