It's HERE... The Vegan Chocolate Chip!


You asked for it - and we made it! CurlyTop is excited to announce a special addition to our cookie collection specifically for our Vegan dessert lovers out there. Even though we say all of the time that our cookies are completely guilt free because you are eating them for a good cause, we still wanted to make sure we were taking care of our plant-loving friends out there who care about the preservation of all life.

Our team was able to marry delicious gooey goodness that is also good for you. Who doesn’t want a bite of that? Heck! Make that a box, or two, or three. Hey, no judgement. So, we are pleased to introduce our Vegan Chocolate Chip cookie as our newest creation this month. This all-natural, dairy-free cookie is guaranteed to leave a guiltless smile on your face. It’s even kid tested and highly approved.

But, don’t take our word for it. Word on the sample street is that it is already a hit with celebs. The stunningly gorgeous Carissa Rosario showed us some InstaStory love to her plethora of followers and she has a no “BS” degree in Vegan nutrition. Fur reals! So without further ado, check them out on our menu and order a box for you and your Vegan crew today.    

           Vegan Approved Cookie from Carissa Rosario!

           Vegan Approved Cookie from Carissa Rosario!