Fall into Fall with our NEWEST Cookie!

FALL is officially here and what a better way to bring in this cozy season then with a fall cookie. As many of you know, I am CRAZY for this season and decorating in my home starts August 1st - yes, when the high temps are well into the 110’s here in Vegas! My family has just gotten use to the shenanigans starting this early! But that doesn’t stop me from bringing out pumpkins and lighting every fall scented candle I can find. Oh, but the celebrations don’t stop there - no way! This is the BEST time to crank up both ovens and experiment with my newest pumpkin dessert.

Pumpkin 3.png

Let me introduce you to my FAVORITE cookie of the season, here for a limited time - (drum roll please)…. The PUMPKIN CHOCOLATE CHUNK COOKIE! Ahhh, its so nice to finally announce it, even though I’ve been giving quite the hints on our IG feed lately. So, now you know and I can freely say THIS is a cookie you definitely need to try! But let me warn you, this cookie is loaded with pure organic pumpkin and spices and a whole lotta chocolate chunks and chips that will want to make you eat more than just one. This cookie texture is different than all the others and the pumpkin keeps it moist for days…although, they don’t last here very long.

Disclaimer: I will not be responsible for your jeans fitting a little tighter - but hey - its almost sweater season, count the memories, not the calories! :). So, order up and enjoy a box or two (no judgment here) of fall right along with me!

Happy Fall Y’all!