A NEW YEAR calls for a NEW COOKIE!

Happy New Year, Friends! As we enter into 2019 (8 days in), our team thought it would be fun to introduce you to our newest craze cookie - but first, let me ask you a question… am I the only one that craves SWEET & SALTY all the time? Like, not only at night but all day long… seriously, the best combos together, right? Well folks, your cravings can now be fixed and satisfied with our newest cookie flavor… “The Potato Chipper”.

I know it sounds kinda crazy, but crazy sometimes means REALLY GOOD and this cookie will make your taste buds tingle! The Potato Chipper is a unique blend of semi-sweet chocolate, chocolate chunks and salty potato chip pieces (with ridges :)) all rolled up in 1 single cookie! TRUST me when I say this, YOU WILL love this new cookie! Cheers to fresh baked cookies!

Potato Chipper.jpg