CurlyTop Campfire Cookie

The CurlyTop Campfire Cookie is Here!

                 The CurlyTop Campfire Cookie

                 The CurlyTop Campfire Cookie

CurlyTop Baker Welcomes NEW Cookie….

Do you ever get that warm fuzzy feeling of memories around the campfire? The cold wind blowing, the sparks flying, the firewood crackling, the smells? One of my favorite things to do around the campfire is to make s’mores! Who doesn’t like a gooey marshmallow stuffed between melted chocolate and graham crackers? One s’more just isn’t enough and as my son quickly burns his marshmallows, he knows Mama is quick to grab it and smash it in my s’more.

Quickly my thoughts began to run and my team began to work at creating a delicious twist on a s’more cookie that would bring all those happy memories back. (Drum roll, please) …Let me introduce to you our newest cookie – The CurlyTop Campfire Cookie!

Our Campfire cookie is loaded with chocolate chunks, slightly toasted marshmallows and just the right amount of graham crackers to give this cookie the perfect crunch. They are absolutely mind blowing warmed up with a tall glass of cold milk, a perfect late-night treat! No campfire required!