Miesha Tate

“Not only are CurlyTop Baker’s cookies the MOST delicious treats imaginable, they are so much more than just a cookie. They are a message that says “we care.” I think that is so impoartant to remind those less fortunate that we as a community DO care about them. CurlyTop Baker touches hearts and changes lives, 1 cookie at a time.”

Miesha Tate, UFC Fighter

Las Vegas Foodie

“These cookies are a slice of heaven in a box.  I look forward to them and often day dream about them.  They are always a crowd pleaser and I have friends and family asking me about them!  They are my go-to for a sweet treat and the perfect ending to a delicious meal.  I don’t know what I was doing before CurlyTop cookies, but I’m so grateful for them!  I just love them so much, no amount of words can give it the right justice.  You have to try them for yourself. “

Las Vegas Foodie, Food Blogger/ Social Influencer

Brooke Lewis

“CurlyTop Baker’s cookies are truly the most DELICIOUS cookies I have ever tasted!! I learned about their charity work and how they give back and remain inspired and look forward to consuming more of their cookies and TLC”

Brooke Lewis, Hollywood Actress/ Philanthropist