CurlyTop Baker has always had a heart for feeding those who are less fortunate. The passion for this business started with a simple thought in mind - to connect with people and put a smile on their faces, one cookie at a time.

Our team visits and distributes freshly baked cookies within the Las Vegas Valley on a weekly basis. This act of kindness has left a lasting impression on our hearts and has created friendships along the way. The stories and tears of those receiving our cookies has been life-changing, and the impact a single cookie made with love and care can leave on someone is priceless.

CurlyTop Baker Cares supports several non-profit organizations that have the same vision. Our donated cookies travel across the world, feeding children and women affected by the sex trafficking industry. We are proud supporters of the following organizations: Goodness Gracious Ministries, The Armed Forces Chamber of Commerce, Community Heal, Lift One Up and Live Fresh.  A portion of the proceeds from each order is funneled back into these amazing causes. To date, we have donated over 25,000 cookies! Our goal is to increase our territories by continuing to reach out and feed more people with our cookies, and bringing a little hope by showing that someone cares.  Our passion for people has led us to the expansion of our own non-profit, CurlyTop Baker Cares, Inc.

We are only able to accomplish our mission with your help. Please consider donating to this cause and truly making a change, one cookie at a time. All donations are tax deductible. #morethanjustacookie

For further info or to place a donation, email:

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“We wanted to thank you for your continued support of Goodness Gracious Ministries. Your wonderful cookies each week are a highlight for our friends in the park. Thank you so much for your generous financial support as well. We have grown and expanded to help more people and we couldn’t nearly as well without you”
- Brian Bland, Founder, Goodness Gracious Ministries
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“CurlyTop Baker Cares has donated various cookies and hygiene items for different street outreaches we have done. They have been a huge support in what we do and we’re grateful for the collaberation.”
- Michelle Balan, Founder, Community Heal
“I want to thank you for your heart of generosity! The last few years, CurlyTop Baker Cares has graciously provided several hundred individual packaged cookies to women that were rescued from the horror of human trafficking. You sent your love through your cookies which traveled all the way to Cambodia! I wish I could describe the looks and sounds these women made with every bite! Thank you for blessing them with hope and a taste of heaven through your cookies”
- Equilla Hicks, Founder, Lift One Up