After years of perfecting in the kitchen and hundreds of attempts at tweaking the ingredients, our signature Chocolate Chunk Original Cookie was born! Each of CurlyTop Baker’s gourmet cookies are hand crafted with an extra dose of what makes your taste buds dance, an extra handful of chocolate! Taste what makes our cookies unique and memorable!

Menu Chocolate Chunk 500 x 500.jpg

Chocolate Chunk Original Cookie – $22/Dozen

Our signature masterpiece is a mix of chocolate chips & chocolate chunks. This is not your mother’s chocolate chip cookie!

Menu Mega Chip Cookie 500 x 500.jpg

Mega-Chip Cookie - $22/Dozen

Includes white & semi-sweet chocolate chips that will be every chocolate lovers delight!

Menu M&M 500 x 500.jpg

CurlyTop M&M Cookie - $22/Dozen

This M&M cookie, with a burst of chocolate chips, will satisfy your sweet tooth!

Menu Birthday Cookie 500 x 500.jpg

Birthday Cookie - $22/Dozen

Our Birthday cookie has bursts of colors in each bite! Celebrate life’s milestones & every day’s accomplishments with this amazing cookie!

Menu White Chunk Mac 500 x 500.jpg

White Chunk Mac Cookie - $24/Dozen

Chunky white chocolate cookies with Hawaiian macadamia nuts is one delicious treat!

Menu Espresso Coffee Bean 500 x 500.jpg

Espresso Coffee Bean Cookie - $24/Dozen

A mix of semi-sweet chocolate & chocolate covered espresso beans is the perfect combo for a good day!

Menu Raspberry Black and White 500 x 500.jpg

Raspberry Black & White Cookie - $24/Dozen

White chocolate & semi-sweet chips with a raspberry filling is sure to make your mouth water & leaving you wanting a second or third cookie!

Menu Bacon Chocolate Chunk 500 x 500.jpg

Bacon Chocolate Chunk Cookie - $24/Dozen

For the bacon enthusiast. A perfect blend of sweet & salty with chunks of chocolate and bacon in each & every bite!

Menu Campfire Cookie 500 x 500.jpg

CurlyTop Campfire Cookie - $24/Dozen

Our Campfire cookie is a delicious twist of chocolate chunks & graham cracker crumbs stuffed with gooey marshmallow bits.